Child Support

In Nevada, calculation for child support is written in the statutes. You must have a child support law firm represent you because the process of calculating child support becomes much more complicated when there is a joint custody agreement in place or when other factors apply that could cause an upward or downward deviation in child support.

Child support in the Las Vegas Valley is determined by various factors, including the types of custody that were established and the incomes of the parents. The legal factors are extensive and the circumstances of your situation must be comprehended and applied to those child support factors by an experienced child support law firm.

Learn more and call an experienced child support law firm for legal assistance. In the past, the Nevada child support determinations depended on who won primary custody of the children or joint custody of the children. The Nevada Supreme Court opinion known as Riverohas changed this tradition.

The Supreme Court decided that the amount of actual time spent with a child may be a more important consideration in the amount of child support than the custody label listed in the divorce decree.

Furthermore, other deviating factors from the legislative calculation for child support can be argued by a Las Vegas Valley child support law firm for a variety of reasons, including:

(a) The cost of health insurance;

(b) The cost of child care;

(c) Any special educational needs of the child;

(d) The age of the child;

(e) The legal responsibility of the parents for the support of others;

(f) The value of services contributed by either parent;

(g) Any public assistance paid to support the child;

(h) Any expenses reasonably related to the mother’s pregnancy and confinement;

(i) The cost of transportation of the child to and from visitation if the custodial parent moved with the child from the jurisdiction of the court which ordered the support and the noncustodial parent remained;

(j) The amount of time the child spends with each parent;

(k) Any other necessary expenses for the benefit of the child; and

(l) The relative income of both parents.

Because child support is important to you, the Las Vegas Valley child support law firm of Louis C. Schneider will represent you in court if you believe that the child support amount is unfair.

Your children’s interests will be the primary priority of a child support law firm. Attorney Louis Schneider brings into the court his years of litigation experience as a child support law firm coupled with his knowledge of being a father. Mr. Schneider is passionate about family law and will keep your children’s best interests as his primary focus.

The Law Offices of Louis C. Schneider and Associates’ Family Law Practice is devoted to helping clients with a full range of family law issues. Mr. Schneider has an experienced child support law firm, operating in the Las Vegas Valley. Even if the problem you are having is not included here, please give an experienced child support law firm a call so that we can help you.

Don’t wait. Even a very small problem can become a major matter if it is not handled appropriately and professionally by a family law attorney before it is too late.

Louis C. Schneider has an experienced child support law firm in the Las Vegas Valley and will work with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your unique legal situation. During the process, he will protect your financial interests and your parental rights.

Our experienced child support law firm handles the full range of family law issues involved in divorce cases. If you have any family issue that you think will require a Las Vegas Valley child support attorney, give us a call. We can provide experienced representation and a caring and supportive team.

  • Our experienced child support law firm can guide you to the appropriate non-legal help you need, be it counseling or mediation services.
  • Our experienced child support law firm will be by your side through the legal process and inform you of your rights and options.
  • If the issue ultimately leads to legal action, our experienced child support law firm will prepare you for your court date and take on all the legal angles to defend your case.
  • An experienced child support law firm will gladly answer any questions you have concerning your case.


The information about child support contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about child support.  Your child support matter should always be evaluated by a local child support lawyer.  You should treat child support with the seriousness it requires.  Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your child support matter.  At the very least, consult with a local child support lawyer—multiple times if necessary if you insist upon representing yourself.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle with a national law firm. Instead, hire a localexperienced child support law firm who will give your case the personal, caring attention it deserves. We offer flexible payment plans and various payments options.  Our experienced child support law firmis conveniently located in downtown Las Vegas to serve you.