Criminal Law

Law Office of Louis Schneider Criminal Law

Our Nevada-based lawyers can also assist you in the areas of criminal law where a client may have been alleged to have committed burglary, forgery, theft, embezzlement or arson. Other misdemeanors or felonies include battery, assault, drug offense, juvenile offenders, vandalism, sex crimes, and domestic violence, DUI or DWI. The Law Office of Louis Schneider also deals with parole and probation matters, which will inevitably occur following a court appearance.

Law Office of Louis Schneider, we emphasize our clients’ rights to be respected and receive honest, clear counsel. We provide a broad range of practice areas and always offer our clients free initial consultations because we don’t believe in charging you anything unless we know we can help with your criminal law matter.

At the heart of our approach is our commitment to telling you exactly what we think, what our services are likely to cost and how long your action may take. Law Office of Louis Schneider has earned a reputation for superior service, integrity and commitment to our clients. We provide sound legal knowledge and comprehensive criminal law counsel to our clients in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area, Nevada.

Our power is our experience and talent. We have a proven ability and continued commitment to providing strength, service, solutions and the finest criminal legal services available to every client. Each client and case is different. We blend expertise with creativity to resolve your legal issues and get you the results you want.

Our Criminal Law Office is Known

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • High level of service